Working in-house at Pottermore in partnership with BlippAR, I created an augmented reality experience for the ‘A Celebration of Harry Potter’ weekend in Orlando, Florida. I was responsible for interrogating the demographic of the visitors, all aspects of the user journey, the mitigation of any pain points and designing the UI.

Visitors were prompted to download the BlippAR app at several key stages prior to the event to ensure strong uptake of the experience. Upon arrival at the Pottermore area, they could scan the huge map to access the exclusive new wizarding schools content (by J.K. Rowling). They could then take their journey further via registration on Pottermore, or could simply share their awesome discovery with their friends.

There was a huge amount of positive feedback about the augmented experience left in the visitor’s guestbook and we were able to see a strong uplift in the number of newly registered users on the Pottermore site during the weekend.