Whilst working at Crumpled Dog I was tasked with undertaking some research and designing a website for the Hilton Group for their Metropole Hotel (Paddington). Our research showed that their was an opportunity to become the hotel (and hotel chain) associated with London attractions as these were often the starting point of many tourist’s flows before booking a hotel in London.

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Therefore, the purpose of the new site was to increase SEO and improve the quality score for ‘London attraction’ searches. We also needed to ensure our user journeys kept the association with convenience (in getting to top London attractions) and that our signposting/copy was appropriate.

The proposed design involved presenting top London attractions on a map (prioritising attractions that were nearby), whilst also having some impactful pages for the hotel information itself (including the ability to book rooms, get directions, view virtual tours, etc). The website was very well received by the client, especially the successful execution of the (fully responsive) design across tablets and mobile devices.




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