During my time at this start-up I was responsible for the research and design of a React Native (iOS and Android) app that connected Sofar fans to secret intimate gigs held in peoples’ homes. I identified a key business benefit in shifting to a services-led offering and avoiding the use of product inventory.

Launch prototype

I undertook service design and innovation by researching existing user behaviour and highlighting opportunities to reduce friction and create delight. We worked in fortnightly sprints, but with weekly UT sessions to ensure our approach was on track. I also ran parallel research models, such as a maintaining Kano surveys to help value/prioritise potential features.

I trained and managed a team of Sofar researchers across 9 Sofar cities (predominantly in NA) to enable further experimentation and validation of potential features. This ensured the app could scale (and delight) globally once launched. We launched/updated in both app stores simultaneously and released a new iteration of features each month.