During my time at AKQA, I was tasked with supporting the rollout of Volvo’s car configurator (React web app) across 50+ countries. I also helped develop a revolutionary alternative to car ownership called ‘Care by Volvo’ (a customer-centric mobility service). Finally, I conducted research around triggers for repurchase in the UK and France.

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Based in Gothenburg and Paris, I ensured UX best-practice by actioning global evaluative report and analytics insights to reduce friction and increase lead generation within product teams. We undertook design sprints and proved our hypotheses with regular UT sessions (in multiple markets).

I plotted maps and user journeys, developed research strategies, imagined innovative new services, designed UI, created prototypes, undertook testing, ran workshops and managed local market feedback. I also helped integrate the car configurator with a central eCommerce solution to enable online lease/subscription.